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Media Future Week | February 14, 2016

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Speakers Chit-Chat

22 april 2015

Questions for MFW15 speakers? Send them via Twitter or Facebook!

In Chit-Chat we talk to speakers of MFW15 about there presentations and opinions of this week. You can send us questions via social (#Chit-Chat #MFW15) and our MFW Vlogger will ask … Read More

MFW15 Flashback – Day 2

21 april 2015


Day 2 of MFW15 has started promptly at 09.00 am this morning with Scott Smith of Changeist. Scott told us that the future isn’t about prediciting, disrupting or innovation in isolation – It’s about engaging, connecting and co-desiging. Many participants … Read More

MFW15 Flashback – Day 1

20 april 2015


We started off great! All participants are in, the crew has being introduced, the alderman of Hilversum, Wimar Jaeger, streamed his speech together with all 120 participants, and the sun is out to motivate us all.




Read More

MFW is coming up – what to expect?

16 april 2015

We are getting close!! Only 4 days left and then we’ll jump in our rollercoaster to expierence the media future! Here you find all the practical details you need to know about MFW15.

Monday morning We welcome you on Monday … Read More

Vice President of Intel joins MFW15

26 maart 2015

We are proud to bring it out… Genevieve Bell is joining us as keynote speaker at Media Future Week 2015.

Genevieve Bell is vice president and Intel Fellow in the Corporate Strategy Office of Intel Corporation. An accomplished anthropologist and researcher, Bell joined … Read More

Media Future Week: 4-day media rollercoaster

25 maart 2015

Are you passionate about new media and eager to know what our future as media consumer is going to look like? Do you like to work in teams and are you interested in learning new discussion and brainstorm techniques? Would … Read More