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Media Future Week | March 23, 2017

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Bots: What is behind the curtain?

21 april 2016

Scott Smith is Media Future Week’s favorite trend watcher. Wednesday morning on April 20th, he took us to a future where bots are part of our daily lives. What are bots? What do they do? And what topics are important … Read More

Robert Overweg: Technology and Empathy

20 april 2016

Robert Overweg is an artist and expert on virtual worlds; he believes, and brought the research to back up, that technology needs to provide an emotional experience to users. He shared some compelling examples of how people are already connecting on … Read More


20 april 2016

Welcome to the Media Future Week stream powered by Streamzilla. Press play in the middle of the still to start the stream on your device. The streaming program is summed up below.

The following lectures will be streamed live … Read More

Alexa Clay: 5 Lessons from Misfits

19 april 2016

Alexa Clay is an expert on misfits, having grown up a self proclaimed child of misfits, her mother traveled the world studying people who believed they had been up-ducted by aliens. She has spent her life researching misfits and … Read More

Nell Watson Opens Day 2: Smart, Wise, and Kind Machines

19 april 2016

Day 2 was kicked off with an eye opening talk from Nell Watson, an engineer and futurist who specialises in artificial intelligence. She believes with confidence that human intelligence level AI will ‘certainly happen in your lifetime’ and dove into: … Read More

7x connected activism according to Lucas de Man

18 april 2016

Lucas de Man is a creator, he makes projects and doesn’t compromise in content or form. He, for example, puts elderly women on top of bus stops to show the world how lonely they are. Monday April 18th, he opened … Read More