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Media Future Week | July 14, 2024

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Dayreport day 2

Dayreport day 2


After a hard day of work yesterday, the students went to the hotel for a good night sleep. Waking up, there was breakfast ready for them with a cup of coffee for on the road. Entering the busy traffic of Hilversum the students arrived on time at the Hilversum Media Park for a new day of empowering keynotes and hard work in the co-creation teams.


The day started off with two great speakers: Scott Smith and Madeline Ashby. Scott Smith is one of our favourite tech speakers. Five years ago he joined us as a speaker with his talk about flat packed futures. Do you think the world has changed much ever since? It did, but the flat packed futures got even darker. This year, Scott grabs back on his flat backed futures and adds the dark patterns upon them. How does the future trip us?

Madeline Ashby is a science fiction writer who uses fiction to describe what the future is going to bring. She wrote stories for companies about how the future of a service or product might look like. She said that there is more than one future, the futures that we create for ourselves. She left the stage with the quote: ‘’Abracadabra; what I speak I create’’.

Co-creation time

After an inspiring morning, the students went back to the Mediacentrum to continue working on their cases. Scott Smith and Madeline Ashby took the time to go to all the teams and helped them out with any questions they had about their projects. And because it’s been a warm day, some co-creation teams decided to find their creativity outside.


Like every warm day in the Netherlands, the Dutch are always firing up the barbecue. So did we! Between 18:00 and 19:00 we all went outside to enjoy the variety of food being served from the barbecue. But to all good meals comes an end, so the students went inside to continue their projects.

For photo’s of day 2 check here and for the video click here