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Media Future Week | July 14, 2024

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2015 Theme

MFW15: Designing relevant media applications for society.

The theme of the MFW15 is ‘designing for society’. Based on the idea that everyone, including each student, teacher or media professional, is a designer of experiences, products and services with relevancy to society.

What makes ‘designing for society’ the theme for the MFW15, is that we increasingly recognize that the concepts we design need to have value for society to be successful. A concept can be of value to an individual, but can also affect the society as a whole. And sometimes you can not do without participation in and by society to come to suitable solutions. The welbeing of people, simplifying everyday processes, making things fun to do, to address, solve, or hack problems, these are all topics that you can focus on.

We’re going to program inspiring speakers and formulate cases that show how people have dealt with this, and what the impact of media developments on society will be. In the MFW15 participants will be acquainted with iterative processes, with the loops that help them to develop great scenarios, just as in previous years. In the right setting everyone can contribute their creativity and passion to the teams. This is how we design relevant media applications for our society in 2020 and beyond.

Two great examples that visualizes this years theme are the videos of a SMART commercial and a piano-stairs project in Sweden. Both are designed for society and show great potential for a global introduction due to positive statistics. What is your vision on desiging for society? Think about it…and maybe you will come up with a new relevant media application for society. Watch these videos and get inspired.