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Media Future Week | June 15, 2024

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Recap final day: day 4

Recap final day: day 4

Today we finished our four day trip into the future. We let the lid of the pressure cooker and see what how it turned out. Well we can say it worked! We’ve got smiles on the faces of the case partners, ten crazy, futuristic, out of the box thinking ideas and most of all, over eighty students who had the learning curve of a lifetime.

We started the day with the keynote of editor in chief of De Speld, Jochem van de Berg. Who started his presentation by saying he didn’t want to talk about fake news. Well that’s what this years theme was all about… instead of that he took the group for a lesson in satire. Comedy as a way of making a point. With the ooh’s and aah’s going around, we can say it was a great closing speech for MFW17.

After the keynote the participants raced back to their cocreation rooms to gave the last touches to their final presentations. Because they had to be delivered on time. The stress levels peaked and the participants faces where tight.

So, after lunch and deadline there was so time to reflect. Because doing all of this is one thing, but learning and taking away live lessons is another.

Before the final presentation actually started, the participants got an energizer. A way to get rid of all that tension and losing up their faces as well as their body’s. crouching tigers, hidden dragons, it was time for some Thai chi. Relaxed and with a clear mind the teams got to their presentations.

A room full of cheering and exciting participants, people who’ve become friends, maybe future colleagues even and you have to stay calm and cool to explain your solution for your case. That is one hard job. But the participants were doing great. Bright solutions, some to implement now some for in the future. Creative presentations, with time travel and self made ‘cat’ videos. Laughs, cheers, applause and last but not least a certificate. The perfect ending for four days of pressure cooking. To release the final steam, participants could take a drink and talk to each other about all their experiences. And for the crew, well we say: thank you all for making it four great days and hope to see you next year. But first: we sleep…

for today’s photo’s clickiediclick here and the video you can watch here