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Media Future Week | May 20, 2024

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Day 3

Day three!
With an explosive end of day two with a dragon’s den and a barbeque, day three is already here. The sun is shining high once more (which is exceptional in Holland) and the participants are tired but happy.

Bleeping kitchen
Because day three is the hardest day, we started with a vivid keynote by Amber Case. Talking about humans and technologies and how they should work together instead of technology taken over. Although we rely on technology very much, we don’t want it to be too much. Let the technology collect long time data and give us humans the information we need so we can interpret it and use it accordingly. So we can use best of both worlds. And be honest, nobody likes a kitchen who is bleeping at you the entire time!

MFW café
People sitting together at tables and talking to each other, that’s what a café is. Our MFW café wasn’t that much different, just the fact that participants and professionals got the time to come together and brainstorm on the cases presented to the teams. Participants explained their ideas and got feedback from the professionals. A room full of ideas bubbling and people chatting.

Fact checking the web
Follow the data, that’s the advice journalist Henk van Ess gave in his keynote speech. If you use the internet, you leave a trace and if you leave a trace it can be found. With the right tools and the right amount effort everything can be traced back to ‘patient zero’. The first place where something went online and who posted it. Van Ess showed cases and gave great tips and tricks.

In the afternoon some participants got workshops, the rest still worked hard in cocreation to make sure they are ready for the final presentation. In this flexible part of the program there are four different workshops: factchecking the web, vizualizing, value proposition and pecha kucha. Full of new information and inspiration how to handle their cases and presentations the participants got on their way again.

Only one more day ! One day to get to a great solution, one day to use the feedback in the best way possible, one day to work on the Media Future.

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