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Media Future Week | March 28, 2017

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First speakers announced

23 maart 2017

We are proud to announce the first two keynote speakers of Media Future Week 2017. Flying in from America are Amber Case and Evgeny Morozov.

Amber Case (1987) is a cyborg anthropologist who studies the symbiotic interaction between humans and … Read More

The MFW16 aftermovie is here!

9 mei 2016

MFW16 has been concluded on thursday april 21st 2016 after 50 hours of hard work, cocreation, speakers etc. etc. But we will release every minute of footage the communications team created during the week. This aftermovie made by Helemaalloos gives … Read More

Narratives of a storyteller – Floris Kaayk

8 mei 2016

Inspiration Speech Floris Kaayk – Narratives of a storyteller

The last speaker of Media Future Week 2016 is visual artist and director Floris Kaayk. Floris presents two extraordinary transmedial narratives about fascinating, but somewhat controversial themes, both of which had … Read More

Citizen vs consumer

22 april 2016

Jon Alexander founded the ‘New Citizenship Project’ in 2014. He is fascinated by the shift in society in which we go from being ‘Consumers’, to being ‘Citizens’, and thereby participating more actively in society. The biggest difference between the two … Read More

Bots: What is behind the curtain?

21 april 2016

Scott Smith is Media Future Week’s favorite trend watcher. Wednesday morning on April 20th, he took us to a future where bots are part of our daily lives. What are bots? What do they do? And what topics are important … Read More