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Media Future Week | August 18, 2019

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Bodei Brouwer: “Go big or go home! Be gutsy.”

Bodei Brouwer: “Go big or go home! Be gutsy.”

Bodei Brouwer (25) is an enthusiastic alumnus of the Media Future Week. She is a storyteller and runs her own agency The Story Clinic. Bodei took part in the MFW in 2014 as a Leisure Management student. In 2015 she came back to give a workshop about pitching/storytelling to all the presenters of that year and this year she will be facilitator to her own team and teach the workshop again. We asked Bodei five questions about her experience.

What experiences and/or knowledge did you gain from Media Future Week?
For me the media future week sort of kick-started my business. Because I was in an unfamiliar environment with people I did not know and a specific task at hand, I was able to rediscover my strengths. This knowledge of myself is what I eventually build my business on.

What one activity or experience did you enjoy so much at MFW, that if you had the chance, you would do again?
My end pitch, no doubt about that! That was the most amazing feeling in the world! With your team you’re working towards something for four very intense days, having thrown away basically every idea you’ve had, finally having that epiphany with only a few hours to spare before having to go on stage. And then receiving a standing ovation. That’s pretty awesome.

What are your two ‘do’s and don’ts’ of MFW?
Explore yourself! Especially if you don’t know anyone in your team: this is your time to re-invent yourself! Who do you want to be?? Be it!
Go big or go home! Be gutsy.

Don’t follow all the rules
Don’t doubt yourself if you know it’s good.

(These just go for life in general I guess ;))

What would you say is the best way to prepare for MWF?
Decide who you want to be during the 4 days. That’s it. Don’t prepare. Don’t even read this. What are you doing? Be overwhelmed!

How would you sum up Media Future Week in one word?