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Media Future Week | December 5, 2021

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Nell Watson Opens Day 2: Smart, Wise, and Kind Machines

19 april 2016

Day 2 was kicked off with an eye opening talk from Nell Watson, an engineer and futurist who specialises in artificial intelligence. She believes with confidence that human intelligence level AI will ‘certainly happen in your lifetime’ and dove into: … Read More

Lucas de Man opens Media Future Week 2016: ‘I don’t know, so I am’

18 april 2016

This morning at 10.00AM Media Future Week 2016 started! Lucas de Man, director, actor, and concept developer, gave the first keynote speech. His inspiring speech urged participants to take action to create their own world, to tell the stories they … Read More

Practical information about the week

12 april 2016

Program The Media Future Week starts Monday April 18th at 9.30 at Beeld en Geluid and ends on Thursday April 21st at 17.00 with drinks. The program consists of inspiring lectures, master classes and high energy co-creation sessions. You can … Read More

The VR pop-up cinema comes to Hilversum!

11 april 2016

After a sold-out pop-up tour in 2015 and the success of the first permanent VR Cinema in Amsterdam, the VR Cinema will be at the ‘Institute for Sound and Vision’ (Beeld en Geluid), at the Media Park in Hilversum on … Read More

Frank Abrahams: “I’ve met so many great people at the Media Future Week.”

6 april 2016

Frank Abrahams is a proud MFW Alumnus of 2011. The first Media Future Week ever! A few years later he came back to MFW when he was working on his thesis. His thesis focussed on creating a new way of … Read More