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Media Future Week | January 20, 2022

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Locatie, programma en partners.

Watch the MFW17 livestream

14 mei 2017

Click here for the MFW17 livestream:

The complete program for the whole event can be found below the stream window.

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‘It turns out this was the beginning of the story, not the end’

2 mei 2017

Four early springs ago I got a kind invitation to hop on a plane from my then-home in the US to travel to Amsterdam to join Media Future Week as a keynote speaker. Familiar with co-organizer Monique van Dusseldorp from … Read More

With Scott Smith the list is complete

20 april 2017

We are complete! Last added to the list of amazing keynote speakers: Scott Smith. Scott returns to the Media Future Week for the fifth time. This MFW veteran knows the vibe and can’t wait to come back and inspire us … Read More

Editor-in-Chief of news site makes up his own news

13 april 2017

Editor-in-Chief of news site makes up his own news. He makes it up, he writes about it and people believe him. And the strange thing: he gets away with it. That’s because he is Editor-in-Chief of satiric news website ‘De … Read More

The mystical tale of MFW

11 april 2017

/>Let me share with you a tale. A tale of a mystical realm known as the Media Future Week (MFW). A place beyond belief where everyone’s wildest dreams become reality. All thanks to the magic generally accepted by the … Read More