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Media Future Week | May 22, 2019

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With Scott Smith the list is complete

With Scott Smith the list is complete

We are complete! Last added to the list of amazing keynote speakers: Scott Smith. Scott returns to the Media Future Week for the fifth time. This MFW veteran knows the vibe and can’t wait to come back and inspire us again. Scott Smith is the founder of Changeist, where he leads strategy, research and design activities. His work is built on over 20 years’ experience tracking social, cultural, technological and economic trends, and combines grounded research with narrative design to explore the unanticipated.

In this post truth decade Scott can tell us about trends he sees and what we have to look for. Just as he does with Changeist. Changeist is a post-national research, consulting and creative group that helps organizations navigate complex futures. Founded in 2007, they work with many different types of organizations—from public companies to venture groups, non-profits, cultural agencies, educational institutions and governments—to identify emergent change and develop strategies that realize new possibilities.

Click here to see last year’s keynote speech by Scott. We are delighted to welcome him ones more!


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