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Media Future Week | September 30, 2023

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MFW virgin getting the virus

MFW virgin getting the virus

‘Like a virgin, touched for the very first time.’ That’s how I feel, touched by the MFW virus for the very first time. Stepping in blank, no idea what to expect and already excited for everything ahead.

Stepping on to a smooth driving train can be difficult, you have to grab on to whatever you can find. The train goes by without stopping. But if you get on board and take a look around you’ll see the train is moving forward by passion and excitement. People on board are all looking forward to Media Future Week 2017 and they are all infected with the virus.

What’s the MFW virus?

What is the MFW virus and how do you get it? I’m not quite sure yet, but I’m starting to think the virus is already imbedded in my body. I can feel it bubbling. Somewhere in the back of my head a bug is planted and it’s growing fast, getting me excited for the weeks to come. Getting ready for the Media Future Week. And how I got this virus? Well let’s make a list.

  • I heard people talking about last year’s MFW and they were really enthusiastic about it. They talked about the experience of it. Working in teams with people who have different backgrounds, solving a case in four days and the vibe you get from being all together in this pressure cooker. Some made friends for life, some said it changed their lives, but everyone talked about how much they learned. Working under pressure is something you have to experience and if you can do it in an amazing environment like the Media Park in Hilversum, well let’s say I can understand why they were so positive.
  • Watching old footage of MFW made me realise I was sorry for not being involved with MFW earlier. If I knew about it during my study I would definitely applied. Getting cases by real media companies and coming up with a solution, I would have loved the challenge. It would have been the chance to see if the media industry suits me. It would have been a great start of my career.
  • Knowing Media Future Week brings students so much, they learn so many things about their careers but also about themselves, it makes me want to spread the word. I want to grab every student by its hands and drag them to MFW.

How does the virus spread? 

When I came in I knew nothing about the Media Future Week, no idea what to expect and honestly, I still don’t know what to expect. Just that it’s going to be great, that it has his own vibe and it will be an experience to remember. I’m looking forward to meet all the students who will join us, see how they will evolve in those four days. I’m looking forward to hear what the keynote speakers have to say. And mostly I’m looking forward to this special vibe everyone is referring about. I want to get it!

So, I think this virus is actually mostly excitement. Getting ready for all to come. Being the facilitator for young people and getting them in touch with media. This virus is not a bad thing to have. Don’t worry if you are infected. Now it’s time for me to spread the virus. So please come near me, feel my energy, be inspired and feel ‘like a virgin, with your heartbeat next to mine.’

Fenny Tietema
Marketing and Communications, Media Future Week

Interested in joining Media Future Week this year? Join us on a rollercoaster ride through the media future, meet new interesting people, get inspired by international speakers and go home with a cocreation toolkit that is useful for the rest of your career. Keep me posted!