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Media Future Week | February 27, 2021

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7x connected activism according to Lucas de Man

7x connected activism according to Lucas de Man

Lucas de Man is a creator, he makes projects and doesn’t compromise in content or form. He, for example, puts elderly women on top of bus stops to show the world how lonely they are. Monday April 18th, he opened Media Future Week with an inspiring speech about connected activism. What is his philosophy? 7 lessons from an energetic storyteller.

1. I don’t know so I am

Our neighbors and peers know as little as us. Why are we on earth? What are we doing here? We have the freedom to ask these questions, even though we don’t know the answers. Presidents, activists and CEO’s don’t know either, so don’t feel any less than them!

2. You don’t have to – Ont-moeten

It seems like you have to have a good job, nice family, and good body to count in this society. But you don’t have to! Don’t feel obliged to accomplish certain goals if you don’t value them!

3. Be a  creator

Creators are people who make things and don’t compromise in form and content. They connect with and during their projects, and are always in search for the right audience.

Lucas de man

4. Tell stories and move people

Media plays the important role of transferring information from A to B, often times through storytelling.  In this time of economic, social, and political transition, storytellers are extremely important. With a story you move people to take action. People often think they can’t make a difference, but there are lots of examples where people have a huge impact. Don’t let anyone hold you back!

5. Don’t make a better society, make a society

Nobody knows what the future brings, but that’s not a problem. It’s more important what you do with it, what kind of story you have to tell. You don’t have to improve the society,  you have to build one!

6. Connect the online and offline world

Social media is a new platform for discussion where you can discuss more freely than in the offline world. But don’t lose the connection with the offline world – stay in touch. Use the online connectedness to make changes in the offline world.

7. Break with existing systems

Existing systems are under pressure or don’t work anymore. Search for new forms or ways to create an impact. In Spain they already elected new mayors with the help of crowdfunding. These new mayors have no political background and are not connected to any political party. Think outside of the box and do not let anyone limit you!


Lucas de Man MFW16 20160418 from iMMovator on Vimeo.