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Media Future Week | December 5, 2021

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Location MFW13: Alnovum

Location MFW13: Alnovum

The futuristic Alnovum, in the center of Almere (nearby Almere Station) will be the home of MFW13. The Alnovum has everything we need for MFW13: the auditorium, working spaces, and a prototyping space.

We will be using the Auditorium for the presentations of our keynote coaches, Dutch experts and final presentations. The 5th floor will  be set up as working spaces for the MFW teams. The 5th floor is now empty, but in our imagination it is filled with young people spinning their minds, creating wonderfull new ideas, having fun and get together to develop great things. On the first floor, there is a prototyping / presentation space where you can experiment with your ideas. And the Alnovum also has a fancy canteen for our lunches and dinners during the event.

To get an idea of the venue and the atmosphere it conveys, take a look at the MFW pinterest mood boards.

Hotels MFW13
During MFW13 fulltime participants sleep at Apollo Hotel Almere or Hotel FINN Almere, both hotels are within walking distance of the Alnovum. You will share a hotel room with another participant of your choice. Registration for the hotel rooms will take place throughout monday at the registration desk in the Alnovum. You also can leave your luggage at the registration desk, it is stored in an enclosed space. At the end of the day you get your luggage and then walk to the hotel.

Thursday, May 16 you should check out between 07.00 and 08.30 AM at the hotel. Do this in time, because the program starts promptly at 9:00 pm on Thursday. You can leave your luggage again at the registration desk in the Alnovum.

P.J. Oudweg 1
1314 CH Almere Stad

Talking on social media about MFW13? Use #mfw13 in your tweets, posts and instragrams.