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Media Future Week | October 6, 2022

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Marcel Schouwenaar

Marcel Schouwenaar
Co-founder, The Incredible Machine
Marcel Schouwenaar
Marcel Schouwenaar is an industrial designer, maker, developer and a technophile. Two years ago he co-founded The Incredible Machine, a design consultancy focusses on connected products. He and his team help companies invent new concepts that explore opportunities in connecting products, spaces and services. Because this novel field has yet to establish its archetypes and interaction patterns, they prototype their ideas in the earliest stages of innovation. If seeing is believing, then experiencing is understanding. Marcel and his team worked on next generation play experiences that blend the border between toys and games, the challenge of bringing brick and mortar retail to the 21st century, and the very concept of modern day air travel. Their clients include Lego, Philips and Rabobank.

Speech: Monday April 20th, 19.00-19.50