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Media Future Week | May 20, 2024

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Bio Henk van Ess

New media, social media en data journalism

Dutch-born Henk van Ess is a trainer of media professionals specialised in new media, social media and data journalism. Van Ess is obsessed by finding news and stories in data.

Van Ess, according to Geofeedia “an international thought leader in social media and online journalism” is an international data consultant for the United Nations, member of Persgroep Academy in Belgium/The Netherlands and visiting lector of Axel Springer Akademie in Berlin. He also teaches at universities in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Oslo and Hamburg.

Van Ess writes columns for BBC, PBS and GIJN about the practical use of internet. He is deeply involved in the worldwide training of information specialists, multimedia & web editors. He is a regular speaker on social media & ‘digital diggingʼ at international conferences. His latest books are “Verification Handbook for Investigative Reporters” (2015, co-writer) “The best ideas of 2013”, “Handboek Datajournalism” (Boom, 2012) and Google Code (Pearson, 2011 – Dutch, German and French edition). He will co-author a new book (2017) about how to conduct proper research (Richtig Recherchieren, German)

Henk has a long track record of implementing internet projects for boards, management and employees via Medialabs. He has trained over 8000 professionals in the practical and critical use of the OSINT, SOC MINT, web, multimedia, cross media and internet research. He has run workshops for the media in Europe, the US and Canada and does a lot of in company training and special events. His website was quoted on the official Google Blog under ʻWhat Weʼre Reading.ʼ

Keynote Speech: How to find real stories in social media

Henk van Ess shares his secret how he doesn’t drown in fake news and information overload. His answer: by curating the web and using smart filters. In just 30 minutes you will learn a new strategy to find stories in social media. How can you find out lay offs at a bank before anyone else? How do you find out who is behind a controversial initiative of a sperm clinic for rich people? And that secret flight of a Boeing – was it bogus or not? Henk will also share his vision about where fact checking is heading.

This speaker is made possible by Stadsfonds Hilversum.

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