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Media Future Week | November 29, 2020

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First speakers announced

First speakers announced

We are proud to announce the first two keynote speakers of Media Future Week 2017. Flying in from America are Amber Case and Evgeny Morozov.

Amber Case (1987) is a cyborg anthropologist who studies the symbiotic interaction between humans and machines. How does high technology effect our values and culture? Just by staring at your screen and clicking with your mouse right now, you, and maybe even the world itself, might be changing in the process. Did you ever think about that? Amber Case does it all the time, it’s her field of study. Her findings are applied to fields such as information architecture, usability and online productivity. In her book Calm Technology she writes about designing technology that becomes a part of a user’s life instead of distracting from it. Calm Technology is a method for smoothly capturing a user’s attention when necessary, while remaining calm at the background most of the time.

Evgeny Morozov (1984) is a journalist and author from Belarus who is an expert about the social and political implications of technology. He is known to debunk myths and media assumptions with facts, figures and solid research. Writing about new media and technology, his work got published in numerous publications. As editor and blogger for foreign policy magazine he wrote the much-quoted blog ‘Net Effect’. In which he expressed his scepticism about the internet as a tool for helping authoritarian regimes becoming more democratic.

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We are very honoured to announce these first two keynote speakers. They are the first in what we believe will be an amazing line up, which will bring us an amazing Media Future Week.

Keep posted, there is much more to come!


These speakers are made possible by Stadsfonds Hilversum.