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Media Future Week | September 25, 2017

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Day 1 report #MFW14

Day 1 report #MFW14

Day one
Check out the Flickr photos of day one here:

The Media Future Week 2014 is officially started and day one is already over. The first day contained a lot of energy, hard work, multiple speakers, a media park safari and last but not least, the major of Hilversum opening this year’s Media Future week. And how can you start a media event better than the major taking a selfie during the opening?

Brad Templeton
If you want to motivate people, you need motivated people. Brad Templeton is that guy! If we haven’t given him a time limit we still be seated and listening to his enthusiastic talk about driverless cars and all the possibilities it brings to this worlds. But he didn’t start with a positive note. His first part was about all the bad stuff happening in the online world. From NSA to heartbleed and from spies corrupting the algorithm community to as something simple as cookies. His keynote was a perfect way to get everybody excited for the rest of the week.

On the iMMovator site, two Dutch language stories are posted about Brad’s lecture:
Privacy in the internet era
The future with the driverless car

MFW14 Brad Templeton presentation about privacy from iMMovator on Vimeo.

MFW14 Brad Templeton presentation about driverless cars from iMMovator on Vimeo.

Maarten den Braber, Daphne Channa Horn, Remco Bron
After a good diner at Beeld en Geluid, we started the evening with a talk from Remco Bron about iBeacons and the possibilities it brings to the world. iBeacons provide new ways of tracking people and how it can change the way we shop. In his presentation he showcased some of the possibilities and future plans for this new piece of technology.

Remco Bron (iBeacon) MFW14 from iMMovator on Vimeo.

Next up: Daphne Channa, one of the first person in the Netherlands with Google Glass. She shared her experiences wearing Glass and some insights about how it works. Problems she had with people that were scared of being filmed or just people who are curious about the technique. Short on time, she rushed through her slideshow missing some. Her slideshow can be found here.

Daphne Channa Horn (photographer) MFW14 from iMMovator on Vimeo.

Maarten den Braber talked about some interesting things about collecting data. What data is worth to us and how important privacy is, in a time where a lot of things we do is collected and being saved online. Even if you have nothing to hide, you still wouldn’t let your boss, girlfriend or whoever read all your WhatsApp messages. Leaving us with this oneliner we should never forget: “Privacy is what defines relations.” His slideshow can ben found here.

Maarten den Braber (QSgear) MFW14 from iMMovator on Vimeo.

Of these tech lectures, iMMovator published a Dutch language report:
Tech lectures at the Media Future Week

Media park safari
For the media park safari all the teams were sent out to this wild safari around the park, to get to know where all the mediamagic is happening. At the end of this safari they visited some of the studios and companies to see what’s going on there. They went to United, Vara/BNN, VPRO, Infostrada, NOS and RTL. In order to look to the future it is good to know what is happening know.

This week all the teams are working on 5 cases. Below you find a summary about the cases.

-Angry Bytes
Angry Bytes aims to create services and products to change the way people consume media content. Angry Bytes wishes to explore the ways in which we can involve media consumers in a total experience using the latest in real time and interactive techniques. We like to see a concept and a business model which outline the possibilities for total immersive experiences. Angry Bytes is partner of research project The Future Now.

-Beeld en Geluid R&D

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid) R&D department is a research department that explores the possibilities of open distribution of works in its collection. Sound and Vision wishes to know how it can activate the audience to reuse its open collection, with low entry barriers. This results in interaction models and concepts for (online) public participation that stimulates the creation of new works and applications based on its existing collection.

-Dasym Investments

Dasym is a research driven investment-company with participations in media companies like Endemol, Zodiac and Telegraaf Media Group. Dasym wishes to know how current and future digital technologies open up new ways for advertisers to connect to large audiences in a personal, engaging, effective and responsible way. This results in tangible and strong ideas or concepts of how the effects and impact of advertisements can be measured and improved.

-Hilversum Mediastad
Hilversum Mediastad is a city with a large media cluster that is very important for the city. Our creative sector counts 12,000 jobs and 1,700 businesses that operate in the ever-changing creative industry. Hilver sum wishes to know how creative talent can be attracted to the city and its media cluster so to ensure continuous innovation and quality impulses. The outcome results in a vision and a set of concrete proposals with a central role for media applications, that show how Hilversum Media City can attract and retain talent.

-Vereniging Veronica

Vereniging Veronica owns the ANP and The Post Online and aims to give people the data and information they need to make decisions and choices required for living in a democracy. Veronica wishes to know how to make news more valuable to you, more personal, and more relevant. This results in concepts that deliver the news that you need to make your personal choices, so to inspire people and improve their connection with society.

There was a lot of tweeting a posting the first day. Wanna see all the photos taken by our photographer? Visit our account. A smaller collection to tag, like or comment is found on facebook. Follow us on twitter, we put on some list of most of the participants, a list of speakers and the tweets from everyone can be found on #mfw14