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Media Future Week | June 15, 2024

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Future Tuesday

Future Tuesday

Tuesday, the second day of Media Future Week has almost come to an end. Today we have focussed on future perspectives. First of all, Scott Smith (Changeist) inspired us with his talk about future(s), how to be critical at futures outlined by ubercompanies (yeah, we’re all beautifull in our perfect houses), smart objects and taking back agency. After his inspirational speech, Scott has joined for another couple of hours to advice the teams on their cases.

Before lunch, two other speakers present their perspective of the media future. According to Justien Marseille the future consists of an endless amount of content curated by users. Receiving over sending! Connecting everything with everybody, we direct our own life and neighborhood. Martijn de Waal provided us with some very interesting examples of how to visualize data in the city for social use. From a climate wall to a tree that drops a leaf everytime somebody passes. These urban screens bring a community together and could bring issues back in public space.

In the afternoon the teams prepared themselves for an exciting session at the end of the day: Dragons’ Den! Four media professionals sat down in the Flevotorium to hear the teams pitch their ideas and provide them with feedback. According to the tweets this session was very usefull. Thanks Dragons!

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