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Media Future Week | December 6, 2021

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Two more names added to the program

Two more names added to the program


Two more names added to the list of keynote speakers at Media Future Week 2017. On Tuesday Madeline Ashby will take the stage and on Wednesday it’s time for Henk van Ess.

Madeline Ashby is a strategic foresight consultant. Strategic foresight is about understanding upcoming external changes in relation to internal capabilities and drivers. That means Madeline’s clients often ask her to write stories about technologies or policies they have in development, giving them a human touch. She helps people create a vision of the future, so they can execute a strategy and get to where they want to be. Madeline is also a science fiction novelist who writes books about the future although her research is grounded in the now.

To see what her prediction is about media and entertainment in 2020 take a look at this website. With her colleges at strategic innovation lab (slab) she created an open-source strategic foresight for the benefit of the creative cluster. To help them prepare for the future, they employed strategic foresight research methods and practices.

Dutch-born Henk van Ess is a trainer of media professionals, specialised in new media, social media and data journalism. He finds news and stories in data. Van Ess writes columns for BBC, PBS and GIJN about the practical use of internet. He has run workshops for the media in Europe, the US and Canada and does a lot of in company training and special events. He has trained over 8000 professionals in the practical and critical use of the OSINT, SOC MINT, web, multimedia, cross media and internet research.

The program is almost complete, just keep following our social media and keep posted at this website to see what’s more to come.

These speakers are made possible by Stadsfonds Hilversum.