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Media Future Week | June 15, 2024

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Almere smart society

MFW13 hosts five cases for the teams to work on. These cases come from several organisations that have a near future problem, they want to have worked on from a media, ICT and arts perspective. You can download the case in PDF and below you find a summary, the team presentations and the pecha kuchas that can be used for promotional purposes.

PDF: Almere Smart Society EN

“Almere Smart Society” is a movement, for and by the people, that strives for an urban society that fully uses the potential of ICT to improve living. It is thinking about how ICT can make city life better, easier, more affordable and nicer.

It wishes to know how social media can make living, working, learning and playing better and nicer in Almere in 2018.

This results in a compelling vision and practical strategy. Your vision is where you find your passion, and emotion combined with your unique skills. The strategy is your plan, with your goals, and what to do when. An concrete example, as output, needs to show the proof of the pudding.

The people living, working, playing and learning in Almere will benefit from these outcomes. They live in different systems: like living well in smart homes; taking care of your personal well being by smart healthcare; or lifelong learning by smart education. You may take a trans-sectoral approach, across systems and domains, however, your example may also be an application within a single domain or system, like work or urban design & planning. It is up to you to find your smart approach with the greatest impact on urban life in Almere 2018.

Pecha kuchas

Team presentations