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Media Future Week | June 15, 2024

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The Future Now

MFW13 hosts five cases for the teams to work on. These cases come from several organisations that have a near future problem, they want to have worked on from a media, ICT and arts perspective. You can download the case in PDF and below you find a summary, the team presentations and the pecha kuchas that can be used for promotional purposes.

PDF: TFN The Future Now EN

“The Future Now” is a project that researches how media companies can anticipate fast changing media trends in technology and society to secure their own future business impact. It is thinking about what directions media companies should choose to develop their products.

It wishes to know what a media company should be able to facilitate in two years time looking back from what it should be able to do in 10 years time.

This results in vision of how we will handle several “viewing” devices (from public to personal), a view on a future typical TV evening and a strategy and business model for a future product of a content producing company.

The media companies participating in “The Future Now” will be inspired by this product idea and its business model.

Pecha kuchas

Team presentations