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Media Future Week | July 14, 2024

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MFW16 Day 1

26435062101_d59b7522d9_oOpening Keynote – Lucas de Man
Monday kicked off with an un-apologetic keynote from Lucas de Man, who assured the audience that he doesn’t care what we do, and is certain that no one else cares what we do. That was the point though, his message was very clear: do what you (emphasis on you) feel passionate about and seek out others who share that passion. He didn’t pretend that this was an easy task and is fine if people choose not to and instead be ‘mediocre’.
You can view the talk in its entirety here

Meeting the teams
After Lucas de Man the team facilitators called together their teams and the students met their groups for the very first time. They’ll be spending the next 4 days together so hopefully all the introductions went well. The students ate lunch together and were then introduced to the cases they would be spending the next 4 days coming up with creative solutions to.

The first co-creation session started at 15.00 and the teams continued getting comfortable with each-other and their cases. Giant pieces of paper were filled up and ripped up as the teams had their first brain storming sessions.

Evening Keynote – Alexa Clay
Alexa Clay kept the energy of the day going with an interesting talk about how misfits (terrorists, computer hackers, gang leaders, and pirates) have a lot to teach us about innovation. She shares 5 lessons and plenty of examples of underworld industries pioneering the tech that ‘disruptive’ more formal industries use years later.
You can view the talk in its entirety here

Wrap Up
The teams then came together once again for a co-creation session and some reflection.

You can find a day 1 recap video here.

You can find all photo’s of Day 1 in this Flickr Album.

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