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Media Future Week | September 27, 2021

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Two further keynote speakers announced!

Two further keynote speakers announced!

By this time in four weeks, the MFW16 will have already begun! It is with great enthusiasm that we present two new keynote speakers: Robert Overweg and Floris Kaayk.

Robert OverwegRobert Overweg helps both people, and leading national and international companies to look in a different way at a new reality. He does this in a number of distinctive ways; he gives lectures, creates art, and offers companies guidance in concept development and implementation. Robert is a photographer in the virtual world. As part of his lectures, he describes the story of photography in the virtual world, inspiring you to take a more critical look at reality, and above all challenging you to examine the ways in which we are inspired and influenced.



Floris Kaayk kleinFloris Kaayk is a filmmaker world famous for his art projects. From 2005 Floris Kaayk realized several fictional short films and online media projects. He became known to a wider audience when his online media project, ‘Human Birdwings‘ gained media attention worldwide. The video has been viewed over 8 million times, and blogs, magazines, TV and radio shows around the world reported on the breakthrough (ABC News, CBS News, BBC, Wired, etc). His work visualizes technological advances, sometimes by showing the benefits, but also highlighting the disadvantages.

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