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Media Future Week | September 28, 2021

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Achtergrond en vakinhoudelijke informatie

The mystical tale of MFW

11 april 2017

/>Let me share with you a tale. A tale of a mystical realm known as the Media Future Week (MFW). A place beyond belief where everyone’s wildest dreams become reality. All thanks to the magic generally accepted by the … Read More

Theme for MFW16: Connactivism

8 februari 2016

Connactivism = Connecting through media + individuals taking action

Connecting – developments in digital media have realized the capacity of personal devices to be used as tools for societal impact. Digital media and digital media design has been made more accessible … Read More

MFW16 Why How What

7 februari 2016

For 2016 we have re-formulated our why how what statement to help us realign our branding and communication efforts with the Media Future Week goals. So here it is, in short. Why, how and what we do in the MFW. … Read More

MFW15 Flashback – Day 3

22 april 2015

Day 3 of Media Future Week is on it’s way. On today’s program we have Amy Jo Kim, Hajo van Bijema, Business Modelling sessions and a lot of co-creation time. The tension is visible under the participants because the deadline … Read More

Day 4 report #MFW14

25 mei 2014

Day four Check out the Flickr photos of day four here:

It’s over, it’s done. Media Future Week 2014 is a fact! 4 days of work has ended and we hope we’ve created a lot of new entrepreneurs. We … Read More