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Media Future Week | October 6, 2022

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Video of MFW17 Day 3

17 mei 2017

Whoop Whoop! There it is again… The daily video. Amber Case, MFW café, Henk van Ess, it’s all in there! Watch it and we hope you will enjoy it.

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Henk van Ess – Fact checking the web

17 mei 2017

Fact checking the web with Henk van Ess

Henk van Ess is a data-analyst who follows the data back to their sources, by the use of search engines, tools and social media. He quotes that everyone nowadays can be a … Read More

This was day 3 at MFW17

17 mei 2017

Day three! With an explosive end of day two with a dragon’s den and a barbeque, day three is already here. The sun is shining high once more (which is exceptional in Holland) and the participants are tired but happy.

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Amber Case: Technology should work besides us, not against us

17 mei 2017

Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist who studies the symbiotic interaction between humans and machines. How can humans work together with machines? How does high technology effect our values and culture? According to some statistics in 2020 there will be … Read More