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Media Future Week | October 6, 2022

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Media Future Week: 4-day media rollercoaster

Media Future Week: 4-day media rollercoaster

Are you passionate about new media and eager to know what our future as media consumer is going to look like? Do you like to work in teams and are you interested in learning new discussion and brainstorm techniques? Would you like to know more about the current issues in the media industry? And do you like to get inspired by international media guru’s? Media Future Week is the place to be! 150 students from 10 Universities of Applied Sciences participate at the Media Park in Hilversum in a 4-day rollercoasterride of brainstorms, the best international speakers and intense co-creation.

What is Media Future Week?
Students and young professionals in the field of multimedia, design, mediatechnology and business studies are participating in Media Future Week, starting on April 20th , to showcase their passion and ambition in the professional environment at the Media Park. In four days, you are working in teams to solve the questions and cases top media organizations are dealing with in the coming decade. You will be challenged to come to new insights in intensive brainstorm and co-creation sessions. We will arrange the best international speakers working for big brands to inspire you with their experiences and thoughts. The media organizations at the Media Park will also offer you their knowledge. At the end of the week, the teams will present their resolutions and go home with a lot of new insights, experiences and new contacts.

Why is Media Future Week so special?
You’re working together with other students from different studies and different Universities of Applied Sciences. Despite your different backgrounds, you have one thing in common: everybody is enthousiastic to find a good solution for your team’s case. Moreover, every team has a facilitator who makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The cases are about new media developments. Discover the issues media professionals are dealing with today and what developments will determine our future. But we’re not only predicting the future, we’re creating the future! MFW offers you the best possibilities to showcase your passion and ambition.

During the week new and different techniques will be used to come to new insights. No traditional colleges but inspirational brainstorm sessions that will challenge you to extend your knowledge. You’ll meet succesfull international media entrepreneurs that will advice you. During these sessions you’ll not only learn a lot about the media industry, you’ll also learn how to be creative, how to find the best business models and you’ll learn a lot about your team members and yourself.

To make the Media Future Week an even more special experience, you’ll be working in three studio’s in Hilversum all week. During the long workdays (9am-9pm) you’ll be working at a dynamic centre and you’ll be sleeping in hotels in the city. You work from a studio at the Media Park in Hilversum, the hotspot of the Dutch media industry. The perfect place to build your network! MFW has a serious playground where you can experiment with the latest media technologies and work spaces where the teams will work their tail off. The presentations will be held in the beautiful theatre of the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid).

Would you like to participate in Media Future Week 2015? If you would like to participate, we advice you to contact the person who is in charge of the registration for your University of Applied Science. You can e-mail us via to find out who that person is at your University of Applied Science.