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Media Future Week | January 20, 2022

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“No more worrying”

It’ s midnight, you are in bed with an exciting thriller. Your wife looks at her favorite television program. Downstairs it is all cleaned up and the dishwasher is running. The washing machine is also programmed and will start within 5 minutes. Suddenly the light falls. The husbands wife starts panicking. “What happens sweetie, she asks terrified. No idea, but I will look at my dashboard app on my phone. On the dashboard app, she says surprised? Yes, on the dashboard we can see if our energy level of the house is in balance. ” Did not you know? gestures the man.
Hubby goes down and after a few minutes the lights are back on. “Fortunately, there is light again and I can see the end of my soap,” said the woman affectionately to her husband.”
After an hour, a shrill beep. What is that? she asks again. Oh, the car is charged and ready for the ride of tomorrow. The car charged? she asked surprised. Yes, just step on it and we have energy again! Plug the car in and you’re done. Just like everyone in our neighborhood! Great isn’t it, he says proudly.

No utopia but reality in the foreseeable future. With alternative energy sources, it is possible to build up extra energy buffers. With this electric cars plays an important role. With the charged batteries the energy can be transferred to the special buffer in the residential area. With the aid of the dashboard one can see how energy balance will be. Additional data can also provide insights into weather- or traffic forecasts. All information is published on an ‘urban screen’ in residential area. On the screen you can also see what the total energy level is of the whole district. The network administrator has almost no burden of peak and trough moments. The residents in the area are aware of new forms of energy and they can even ‘sell’ energy to other people in the neighborhood or even in other districts. Even energy prices can be reduced again. Thus, a significant investment for the expansion of the network is no longer necessary. So, no more worrying but buffering is the new credo.

“Honey, will we have an other car drive?”