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Media Future Week | January 20, 2022

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Tuesday keynote: changeist Scott Smith

Tuesday keynote: changeist Scott Smith

We are proud to present the first keynote speaker of MFW13: Scott Smith! Scott is the founder of Changeist and the principal voice behind the writing and research. He brings over 20 years’ experience studying the development of technology and tracking social and cultural change. Scott is keynote coach at tuesday and will introduce us to several subjects related to the Smart Society (the topic of tuesday): the post-reset landscape, computational culture, fabricated future and technology and learning—how distributed networks are changing how education is shaped.

Besides being the founder of Changeist, Scott Smit is also a partner and co-founder at Platforme, a foresight and design strategy group. His core work centers on developing and exploring speculative futures to help organizations make sense of emerging trends and uncover unexpected opportunities. He splits time between private consulting for design and creative groups, government agencies and NGOs, innovation scouting, field research, speaking and writing. An interesting person with a wealth of experience and knowledge!

Before founding Changeist, Scott served as director of research applications and futurist at Social Technologies, a foresight and innovation company, leading visioning around consumer lifestyles, social values and emerging technology. Prior to this, he spent a decade leading start-up research and consulting teams for international technology research firms, including founding and managing research teams at Jupiter Communications in New York City, Current Analysis in Washington, DC, and heading the Yankee Group’s EMEA Internet research from London. He has consulted to global organizations such as UNICEF, Nokia, Ford, Honda, Herman Miller, P&G, Barilla, Target, Cisco, British Telecom, Telefónica, NASA, and The Economist Group, and led field research in China, Japan, India, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, and across Western Europe and North America.

He guest lectures on foresight and design at various institutions, and writes for Current Intelligence and Quartz. He is also co-developer and lead instructor for the Futures Institute at the Duke University TIP program.