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Media Future Week | December 5, 2021

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Tech Monday

Tech Monday

This morning Media Future Week 2013 has started! Frank Visser,creative director of Media Future Week wished everyone a warm welcome and kicked #mfw13 off. 120 participants, 5 cases and 40 working hours ahead of us, let’s get started! Willemijn Phielix, together with Manon Mostert van de Sar, presented the creative process the participants are diving in. Get out of your comfort zone and let the magic happen! After the introductions Monique van Dusseldorp (host MFW13) introduced Steven van Belleghem, our first keynote coach. Steven told us about marketing in the year 2020, where everything is about extreme customer centricity, selling without selling and technology as a facilitator. You can find the MFW kick-off trailer and the slides of Steven here.

See the MFW13 trailer:


See the slides from Steven van Belleghem

Monday afternoon the cases were introduced by the different case partners. One team even had a skype briefing because one of the casepartners wasn’t able to make to Almere in time. MFW13 hosts five cases for the teams to work on. These cases come from several organisations that have a near future problem, they want to have worked on from a media, ICT and arts perspective. The cases are concerned with mobility, future TV viewing, smart society, gameplay or open data. More information on these cases could be found here.

After the case introduction the teams had some time to start thinking about the concepts they are going to develop during Media Future Week. To give them some inspiration and demonstrate that nothing is impossible, three entrepreneurs entered the stage: Janjaap Ruijssenaars, Maarten den Braber and Marc Koetse. Janjaap presented his landscape house, a house based on infinity, that will be printed with the use of a 3D-printer. Maarten introduced us to the Quantified Self; Self-improvement has never been easier, thanks to apps and devices that measure all your everyday activities. Marc has presented the world of printed electronics; from flexible to streatchable to wearable electronics. Here, you found the slides that Marc and Janjaap have used during their presentations.

Slides JanJaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture):

Slides Marc Koetse (Holst Centre):

Here are the webpages Maarten has showed us during his speech: